Enterprise Engagement Award

This award winner’s showcase features StartUp Croydon who took home our Enterprise Engagement Award. As part of #TeamNEN, we know that you are keen to learn from each other – and these award-winning achievements may offer you key insights that you can implement at your organisation too!


What makes StartUp Croydon special?

The judges noted that in their application, StartUp Croydon demonstrated a real breadth in their enterprise engagement activity. Through a very proactive approach, they have engaged with a wide range of partners over the last year, and run a very varied set of events. This has delivered real results in terms of take-up of their services and the occupancy rate of their workspace. It was clear to the judges that they are a key stakeholder in their local area.

“The NEN Enterprise Engagement Award highlights our endeavours to be at the forefront of the Croydon business, and wider community. We have recently taken our marketing and events management in-house, meaning that our team have to be far more pro-active. StartUp Croydon are extremely proud of this achievement and, needless to say, the team are absolutely delighted at having their accomplishments recognised”.
Geoff Ranson, Special Projects, StartUp Croydon


What are StartUp Croydon doing differently and how is this making an impact?

We very much believe that being “visible” in the Croydon community is integral to our business. Our audiences are varied and we are able to speak to them via many different platforms. This can be through offering them free advice at our workshops and events, hosting and sponsoring other companies (who in turn enhance our own offering), working with Croydon Council and other influential organisations, or speaking to the general public at business functions, or as a pop up hub or at festivals. Our on-going and regular presence is the key to our very strong brand awareness.


What’s next for StartUp Croydon?

We feel that we’ve found a winning formula this year, but for our future plans, we have a few areas of focus in particular. Our Special Projects Manager is currently looking into projects such as continuing to deliver the SEEK social enterprise programme. This helps unemployed and economically inactive people start a social enterprise. We are also looking at expanding our delivery and support to other neighbouring boroughs and regions, as well as the possibility of working to help and support more disadvantaged groups such as offenders and ex-offenders.

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Here’s something you might not know about StartUp Croydon…

We have a unique business model that allows us to be self-sustaining, whilst helping start-ups to find their feet. As a not-for-profit charity, we are able to train and mentor without attaching a huge price ticket because this is funded by our all-inclusive office rental packages.

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What does StartUp Croydon value about their NEN membership?

“NEN provides a great platform for networking and sharing experiences with other enterprise agencies and business support providers. It also helps in raising the business support sector’s profile and position with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and senior government decision makers – all of which helps us to continue to help start-ups and small businesses.”
Geoff Ranson, Special Projects, StartUp Croydon

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