teamnenbanner-medThere’s no doubt that we are all currently facing challenging times. Changes in the world around us have led to a lot of uncertainty and increased pressures. It’s something that has affected us as an organisation, and of course our members too.

Today we have launched a new campaign which aims to shine a spotlight on the collective strength found in our network. Together, our network of members – #TeamNEN – are a strong force, and making a big impact on the enterprise support sector. Our campaign features an animation which brings to life data that we have collected from our membership during 2015/2016. The numbers featured in the campaign tell a great story – here’s some of the data featured in the campaign:

  • The membership continues to offer excellent geographical coverage, with the whole of the English population able to access support from an NEN member.
  • Our members have been collectively trading for 1,757 years – that’s a huge amount of acquired knowledge.
  • There are 364 non-executive directors supporting our members.
  • Our membership organisations employ 1,686 staff in client-facing roles.
  • 80,631 clients were helped during 2015/2016 – 45% were pre-start clients and 55% had established businesses.
  • Our members are completely inclusive when it comes to the types of clients being helped – 51% are female, 18% come from an ethnic background, 21% are aged 16-29, 56% are aged 30-49 and 23% are aged 50+.
  • There is a huge package of support being offered via our membership – a loan book value of £66,507,051, 640,183 square feet of office space, while 1,537 clients use virtual office facilities.
  • During 2015/2016 members helped 9,339 new businesses launch, and helped create 10,130 new jobs.
  • Clients receiving support from a member have a 1 year survival rate of 86%.

Watch the animation

We are so proud to represent our network of members. Collectively, they are making a huge impact on the enterprise support sector. We believe that in challenging times, true strength is found in the #TeamNEN network.

Watch the animation on our YouTube channel

Want to be part of #TeamNEN?

If you want to be part of #TeamNEN we would love to talk to you about all of the benefits membership can offer you. There is no other membership body in England that represents, promotes and connects the enterprise support sector – we are completely unique.

Why not read more about what we do, or get in touch and we will give you a call to talk through our membership offer. Membership is open to any organisation involved in the support and development of enterprise in England.