#MicroBizMattersDay – 9th January 2015 with 9 minutes of actions for everyone who is their own boss.

National Enterprise Network has today given its commitment to supporting #MicroBizMattersDay on 9th January 2015 and is encouraging its members and their clients to get involved.

#MicroBizMattersDay is being launched by Enterprise Rockers, a free to join in movement and Community Interest Company, co-founded and co-funded by Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE.  Tina and Tony are both great friends of National Enterprise Network and have long relationships with a number of our members – so why wouldn’t we want to get involved!

Enterprise Rockers is the largest, fully independent,  informal  ‘network of networks’ for micro (0-9 employees) enterprise owners, anywhere.  It has one aim; ‘to make life better for micro enterprise owners, everywhere’ and #MicroBizMattersDay will take place on their 3rd anniversary.  The co-founders call it ‘unleashing the power of plenty’.

This power of plenty is the influence exerted when thousands of self employed and business owners take concerted action to support and promote each other.  #MicroBizMattersDay, a social media led campaign, will call on all people who work for themselves, their suppliers and customers to take concrete actions for 9 minutes on the day to make business life better for others. The actions fall under the hash tagged categories of #Customers, #Cashflow and #Chat.


Growth of micro enterprise

In most countries around the world over 90% of all enterprises are micro (0-9 employees). In the UK this is 95%.*  In many countries self employment is increasing year on year and the majority of new jobs are provided by the self employed.  In the UK there are half a million start ups each year and over 4.5 million micro enterprises which compares with around 7000 large businesses (above 250 employees).

Research by RSA** shows there are over half a million more micro enterprises in the UK since 2008 and that their employees will outnumber those in public sector work by 2018. This growth in micro business provides the “Power of Plenty” that #MicroBizMattersDay plans to unleash on 9th January 2015.


Happy but poor

Government support, however, does not reflect the emerging political and economic significance of micro enterprise. Research by Populus** shows that two in three micro business owners feel that Government does not encourage or support them. Despite this picture, motivation among micro business owners remains high with 73% becoming self employed by choice. This snapshot of a badly supported, highly motivated group of business owners shows the gaps in government policy and the emerging economic and political significance of the self employed and micros which #MicroBizMattersDay aims to redress.

Benedict Dellot, Senior Researcher at RSA says: “Microbusinesses are the new political force to be reckoned with, but the government has yet to win their favour. Business support remains confusing and superficial. This, despite small business owners being the country’s biggest job creators.”


How #MicroBizMattersDay works?

#MicroBizMattersDay is the worldwide call to fill the gaps in policy and support by ‘Rockers doing it for themselves’. All business owners are asked to choose actions to take in 9 minutes in one of the three hash tagged categories of #Customers, #Cashflow or #Chat.

Here are 2 examples of possible and useful actions under each category, and more become available daily on the #MicroBizMattersDay website at http://microbizmattersday.rocks:


#Customer Actions – examples:

1.  Use social media to promote the name of a micro biz(s) whose product or service you’ve loved: e.g. tweeting: Loved the chocolates & fast delivery from @OWoWChocolates #MicroBizMattersDay

2.  Persuade others to pledge to buy at least 25% of their goods and services from independently owned and run businesses (not chains and corporates) using hashtag #Indie25ER


#Cashflow Actions – examples:

1.  Promote the Enterprise Rockers free 40 minute movie on You Tube: ‘What Makes Enterprise Rock?’ It was made by award winning film maker Asta Philpot. 20 business owners gave time and Tony Robinson and Tina Boden gave money to make it. The video contains lots of survive and thrive tips for business owners everywhere. Here’s the link What Makes Enterprise Rock – You Tube

2.  Recognise, on social media, those organisations that are fair payers of supplier bills. Forexample in England we know that Sage UK, Lloyds Bank, Leeds City Council. VINCI and  Morgan Sindall Group all have fair terms of trade, and will pay suppliers within 30 days.


#Chat Actions Examples:

1.  Spend 9 minutes helping another micro biz owner by providing an idea or an offer of collaboration that will help their business.

2.  Retweet on the day any tweets from @EnterpriseRocks @TonyRobinsonOBE @MicroBizGirl and any you see with the hashtags #MicroBizMattersDay #MBMDay #Indie25ER #Customers #Cashflow and #Chat


Boden and Robinson say: “The #MicroBizMattersDay of actions will enable more micro enterprises to survive and thrive around the world. Micro enterprises already create most new jobs, most innovation and most support to their communities, so the future success of micro enterprise is #Rocking Good News for everyone, everywhere.”

* Source BMG Research, Dept For Business Innovation & Skills

**Source Populus Research



Notes to Editors:

1.  Enterprise Rockers is the CIC. founded and funded by Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden in 2012.  It is the organising body behind #MicroBizMattersDay.

2.  #MicroBizMattersDay has a website at http://microbizmattersday.rocks

3.  Examples of Actions being suggested by Enterprise Rockers, for 9 minutes, under each of the #Action categories #Customers, #Cashflow and #Chat can be found at the website for #MicroBizMattersDay

4.  Twitter: Tony Robinson can be followed on Twitter @TonyRobinsonOBE. Tina Boden can be followed on Twitter @MicroBizGirl.

5.  Logos with white and black backgrounds for #MicroBizMattersDay are available from the website at www.microbizmattersday.rocks

6.  Enterprise Rockers CIC website is http://EnterpriseRockers.co.uk Tina Boden’s website is http://TinaBoden.com and Tony Robinson’s website is http://TonyRobinsonOBE.com. Tina Boden and Tony both have profiles on LinkedIn.