2016-2017 was a challenging year for NEN and many of our members, with few unaffected by the political and economic changes which characterised this time. However, today NEN has launched a campaign which aims to highlight some of the very positive and visible signs of hope coming out of the enterprise sector during this same period.

#EnterpriseImpact uses data collected from our membership during 2016-17 to tell a strong story of:

  • High demand for enterprise support services, in spite of a challenging economy
  • An excellent survival outlook for new and small businesses, who receive support from #TeamNEN
  • An economy that is being boosted by clients supported by #TeamNEN

Key data presented in our campaign infographic reveals:

1. 80,555 clients (50% pre-start, 50% established businesses) were helped by #TeamNEN during 2016/2017
80,000 were helped in 2015/2017 clearly showing that demand remains high year on year.

2. #TeamNEN provide completely inclusive client support – during 2016/2017 50% were female, 19% came from an ethnic background, 19% were based in rural areas, 21% were aged 16-29, 55% were aged 30-49 and 24% were aged 50+.
Because our membership is based in geographically diverse locations throughout England, they are supporting a very broad spectrum of individuals, whose backgrounds, age and life experience vary enormously.

3. During 2016/2017 clients receiving support from #TeamNEN have an average 1 year survival rate of 86%
When a client is supported by a #TeamNEN Member or Associate, their business can expect an average 1 year survival rate of 86%. This statistic is the same as 2015/2016 and has risen steadily since it was first measured in 2013-14.

4. During 2016/2017 clients supported by #TeamNEN were routinely offered 3 types of support: Advice, Space and Finance

  • Advice is offered irrespective of the client’s geographical location within England, age, ethnicity and gender.
  • Access to office space (virtual or physical) is in high demand and ran at an occupancy rate of 91%.
  • Clients were provided with access to a total direct loan book worth over £40,000,000. This was supplemented indirectly from a variety of other sources where the membership act as delivery partners for other funders.

5. #TeamNEN helped to launch 8,727 new businesses and created 12,693 new jobs during 2016/17
Launching new businesses and creating new jobs – particularly when 46% of the businesses were created by people who had previously been unemployed – is making a huge impact on our economy.

NEN are incredibly proud to represent, promote and connect the enterprise support sector. No other membership body in England does what we do – #TeamNEN is completely unique. Our #EnterpriseImpact campaign aims to share the impact being made by our members. It’s clear to us that not only is there still a strong demand for enterprise support, but when help is provided by a member of our network, businesses have a much higher chance of survival, positively impacting our economy.

Throughout February, NEN and our members are taking to social media to share details of the Enterprise Impact made by #TeamNEN.

Want to be part of #TeamNEN?
If you want to be part of #TeamNEN we would love to talk to you about all of the benefits membership can offer you. There is no other membership body in England that represents, promotes and connects the enterprise support sector – we are completely unique.

Why not read more about what we do, or get in touch and we will give you a call to talk through our membership offer. Membership is open to any organisation involved in the support and development of enterprise in England.