Mission, Vision and Values

National Enterprise Network’s Mission is to support our membership by:

  • Representing their interests to government and others in the public and private sector, showcasing a unique national network of credible, quality assured enterprise support organisations
  • Promoting the successes they achieve and demonstrating the value they add to local communities and the wider economy
  • Connecting them to people and projects inside and outside the Network, to share valuable knowledge, skills and opportunities for even greater success.

National Enterprise Network’s Vision is that:

  • Our unique network is seen by government and those in the public and private sectors as the first choice for enterprise support delivery
  • We and our membership share a common ethos and values; we believe in the work we do and are passionate about it
  • We develop and maintain excellent working relationships with a wide range of public and private sector partners, for the benefit of our membership
  • Our membership of enterprise support organisations are in demand as credible, experienced enterprise support deliverers and continue to respond to the needs and circumstances of their local communities and economies.

National Enterprise Network Values are that:

  • Our Network is independent, impartial and non-partisan
  • The Network and its membership are private sector-led but do not distribute profits, reinvesting surpluses into enterprise support
  • Services the Network and its membership provide are customer focussed and of high quality
  • The Network and its membership are passionate about enterprise support and it is fundamental to all we do. We believe in the results enterprise support achieves and see the impact it makes.