Our Members

Our members represent a variety of enterprise support organisations, all based in England and with one thing in common – they all provide enterprise support to new and emerging businesses.

Traditionally, but not exclusively, our members are not-for-profit enterprise support organisations, enterprise agencies, Chambers of Commerce, local authorities and other specialist providers. The breadth and depth of the support provided by our members is best described by referencing the scale of support that is provided, and the impact this makes on our economy.

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Clients are routinely offered 3 types of support:
1. Advice
2. Space
3. Finance

Clients receiving support from an NEN member can expect an average 1 year survival rate of 86%.



We are very proud of the impact that our members are making on the economy. Thanks to data collected from our members on an annual basis, we are able to quantify this impact and tell a strong story of the direct effect our members make on our economy.

During 2016-17 our members…

  • Helped launch 8,272 new businesses
  • Helped create 12,693 new jobs



During 2016-17…

  • Our members supported and helped 80,555 clients.
  • 50% of members’ clients had pre-start businesses, and 50% had established businesses.
  • A very broad spectrum of clients are supported – 50% are female, 19% have an ethnic background, 19% are based in rural areas and 24% are aged 50+



In challenging times, true strength can be found in the #TeamNEN network

In 2016, we ran an online shareable campaign which aimed to shine a spotlight on the collective strength found in our network. Together, our network of members – #TeamNEN – are a strong force, and making a big impact on the enterprise support sector. The campaign featured an animation which brought to life data that we collected from our membership during 2015/2016.