Five tips for writing an award-winning entry

How to stand out from the crowd

Whether this is your first award application or your 10th, follow these tips to ensure that your entry has all the hallmarks of a winner!

5 tips for writing an award-winning entry

1. Get the award deadline – Friday 27 November – in your diary and block out some time to avoid a last-minute rush.

2. Prepare your application separately and copy and paste it into the application form once it’s finished (spell-checked, word count done etc.)

3. Feeling humble? Stop! This is the time to really think about your achievements, your successes, what clients/colleagues have said about you and why you deserve to win. If this is tricky, ask your trusted clients and friends why they feel you should win.

4. Ensure you are clear on exactly what the judges are looking for in that category by checking the category descriptions.

5. Get a fresh pair of eyes to check it all makes sense.