Showcasing the NEN 2018 Award Winners – PNE Group

Award category: Enterprise Team of the Year Award

Winner: PNE Group

Enterprise Team of the Year Award Winner – PNE Group

What the judges said

The judges felt that the PNE enterprise team is making a real difference to the North East landscape through this unique initiative, whilst additionally delivering both social and environmental impact.

PNE have plans to keep championing and supporting sustainable start-ups in the North East. With the strong foundations laid by their enterprise team so far, we have every confidence they will achieve this ambition.

What this award meant to PNE Group

“We are incredibly proud that our team has been recognised by this award. Over the past twelve months the staff have effectively brought socially and environmentally responsible business to the heart of our enterprise offer, including through the launch of our Sustainable Start-up Award, which provides access to finance for businesses which demonstrate their commitment to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Tracey Moore, Chief Executive at PNE Group

What makes PNE Group special?

PNE Group brings together a unique team of enterprise experts, with specialist knowledge and experience spanning decades and continents. Working with businesses, government and third-sector organisations we deliver enterprise related projects, supporting over 10,000 businesses to start-up and growing a CV spanning over sixty countries. As a social enterprise, we invest in the creation of businesses and jobs in the North East. 

What’s next for PNE Group?

In the coming twelve months, PNE Group will continue to grow its sustainability offer for entrepreneurs – championing and providing funding and learning to start-ups and SMEs that are making a positive impact on our environment and our communities. We also want to work with businesses and organisations who share this mission, so whether it’s a collaboration or you simply want to learn more, get in touch with our team

What are you doing differently and how is this making an impact?

In late 2017, we identified a gap in the market in the provision of enterprise support tailored to promoting the success of businesses making a positive social or environmental impact. We also picked up on a lack of awareness-raising or training on the how businesses can influence positive change in these areas. We set out to change that with a three-way approach: including teaching on the social and environmental impact of businesses in every learning session we deliver; providing grants to businesses making a positive impact; and sponsoring a social impact enterprise award. As a result, in the last 18 months hundreds of individuals have received training, we have secured £50,000 grant funding for businesses in the North East and set ourselves apart as leaders in sustainable business support in the region. 

Did you know…?

21st September isn’t just a date in an Earth, Wind and Fire song, it’s ‘Katherine Day’, the anniversary of our talented project assistant Katherine Hurst joining the team. Every Katherine Day is celebrated with cake, decorations and, of course, a sing-a-long to the disco classic.

A reminder about this award

This award aims to…
Reward a team that has achieved something exemplary, above and beyond the norm!

The judges are looking for a team who might have…

  • Faced and overcome a particular challenge.
  • A unique way of working together
  • Delivered a key project or other significant business impact over the last year.

Ask us about…

  • Supporting socially and environmentally impactful businesses
  • Challenging the barriers experienced by women-led start-ups
  • Delivery enterprise in the North East

Being part of Team NEN

“NEN is important to PNE Group, providing a unique opportunity for sharing best practice and celebrating success with organisations that share similar objectives and similar challenges. The Annual Conference and Awards are a key date in the enterprise sector calendar and enable us to build relationships with a national network of professionals from whom we can draw support, learning and new opportunities. In particular, participating in the Awards helps us build our reputation and demonstrate our expertise to clients. Communications campaigns run by the NEN team help demonstrate the UK wide impact made by the members, spreading the message about the valuable contribution enterprise organisations make to the economy and to driving social value in communities.”