Build skills and confidence to manage conflict in the workplace

The Course
This practical course will give you opportunity to build skills and confidence to manage conflict in the workplace, with both individuals and teams. The workshop will enable you to develop your own personal ‘toolkit’ to deal with difficult situations in the workplace and show you how to generate positive outcomes and build personal and collective responsibility.

Is it for you?
This course is aimed at supervisors and managers, working at any level or experience who manage individuals and teams and need to give feedback, or deal with team conflict and dynamics.

What to expect?
This is a practical, refreshing approach to giving feedback and communicating with other people that will allow you to develop constructive relationships, minimise conflict and achieve positive results.

GOOD NEWS! Whilst you will have opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills learnt on this workshop, we DON’T DO ROLE PLAY! Instead we take a more collaborative approach to expand and embed your learning.

We only work with small group sizes, giving delegates opportunity to personalise the session to meet their own needs.

The course will cover:

  • How to build effective communication for positive outcomes
  • How to be yourself and confidently deal with difficult situations and issues.
  • Dealing with difficult personalities in the workplace
  • Managing difficult conversations – a framework for successful outcomes
  • Generating a WIN/WIN outcome
  • Using a coaching approach to problem solve and build personal responsibility with teams and individuals

The Outcome
After the workshop delegates will:

  • Understand how to improve communications for better outcomes
  • Understand of the causes of conflict and how to minimise this
  • Take away a framework and tools to enable them to manage conflict and feedback more productively
  • Have gained insights into the benefits of alternative approaches to managing conflict
  • Have a personal action plan to address issues in their workplace
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Location: Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street Keighley BD21 5LE