Hub 109’s mission is to help and support SME’s, entrepreneurs, start-ups and intending entrepreneurs.

They provide assistance to all those who are contributing to a making good economy, those who are seeking social, environmental as well as financial impact and to those who are working in a range of industries and creating innovative solutions and services.

Hub 109 runs a 6-week Start up School aimed at supporting those who are in the process of starting a business. They also run 2 additional programmes of support focused on the early stage and established businesses. The first programme is called Urban Innovation and the second is called the Future High Street programme.

Hub 109 provides businesses and start-ups with an affordable and supportive incubator environment, including affordable entry to workspace, meeting room, consultancy services, bid & tender support, marketing, design, IT solutions, resources, and events that support the enterprises of the community and the community members themselves.

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