National Enterprise Network issues tender opportunity for the provision of marketing, communications and PR support

National Enterprise Network issues tender opportunity for the provision of marketing, communications and PR support

Opportunity to tender to support National Enterprise Network across a range of marketing, communications and PR support activity

We’re looking for a forward-thinking consultant or consultancy who can help us elevate our marketing, communications and PR. If that’s you, download the tender brief and find out more about the areas where we’re looking for support, the experience we expect you to have, the budget you’ll be working to and the decision-making process we’ll be undertaking.

Download the NEN Marketing Tender Brief

Deadline for tender submission: 5pm on 2nd May 2019.

Please submit any questions and your tender to Carol Daniels, Operations Manager, National Enterprise Network, Acorn House, 381, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes. MK9 3HP

Tender questions and answers

1. How are the marketing/comms/PR handled at the moment – in-house or via an agency/consultant/consultancy or a combination?
We currently outsource our marketing to a consultancy.

2. Would the £12k fee be paid in instalments or one lump sum?
The £12k would be paid monthly.

3. Would travel to the office be required and if so would travel expenses be reimbursed?
Where appropriate travel costs will be covered

4. Do you have an idea at the moment as to how much time per week you expect the consultant/consultancy to work?
We are looking to raise the overall profile of NEN through clear messaging, communications, impact and positioning, it is expected that there will be times that more or less time is spent on a weekly basis, it is not time dependent.

5. Who will the chosen consult/consultancy report to?
Ultimately Carol Daniels and Alex Till, Chairman – also the board.

6. How will the tender submissions be marked – do you have specific grading criteria that you’ll be working to?
Yes there will be a selection/scoring process for both successful and unsuccessful candidates, and ,with final scoring at 30th of May in presentation and engagement with the board.

7. What KPI measures will you be putting in place to demonstrate project success? 
This will be both qualitative and quantitative to include brand reach, new members and engagement with key stakeholders and levels of interaction across social media.

8. Will there be more budget available for the delivery of other areas of work if deemed important for the deliverables?
Yes on a case by case basis.

9. Is the £12k budget exclusive of VAT?

10. When will the 12 month contract begin?
Following formal confirmation of Contract – this it is aimed for June 2019

11. When will shortlisted agencies be informed of proceeding to the interview stage?
17th May is the proposed date.

12. How many shortlisted agencies are you likely to take through to the next stage?
We are looking for a minimum of 3 to be shortlisted and a maximum of 5.

13. Have any KPI targets been set for the various activities? (e.g. volume of activity, increase in followers/engagement, new memberships, website visitors, frequency of emails)
This will be both qualitative and quantitative to include brand reach new members and engagement with key stakeholders and levels of interaction across social media.

14. Does NEN have an email service provider for sending out email communications or is the consultancy expected to provide this?
We use Mailchimp and would like to continue with that.

15. What is the extent of the expected website updates (i.e. just providing new content/updates within the existing framework, or potentially more substantial)?
Just providing new engaging content and updates within the existing framework. If there is any changes to framework required that would be costed separately.

16. Is there a separate budget available for producing more engaging content? (e.g. infographics, video, tools)

17. For events, will there be an official NEN photographer, or budget for obtaining photos or will the consultant be expected to attend and take the photos?
Budget would be available where required.

18. Would there be an appetite/budget for SEO and/or paid-social media activities?
Where appropriate it would be considered.

19. What support will be available from within NEN to help the consultant with these activities (e.g. getting specific data, access to systems and information)?
There will be support from both Carol Daniels, Ops Manager, Alex Till, Chairman and the Board of NEN.

20. What is the sign-off process for producing and what level of autonomy will the consultant have?
Sign off will be required on Newsletters which will normally be within 48 hours.

21. What percentage of the enterprise support organisations in the UK would you currently estimate you have as members?
We are reviewing this as part of our marketing strategy as we believe there is a significant number of organisations, universities and colleges that are addressing enterprise. This is a new target area whereby significant results can be gleamed by the marketing organisation supporting us.

22. Who would you say (if any) are your direct competitors in your space?
There are no direct competitors, however we will be focusing on organisations within the SME sector to see how we can support and work alongside them i.e. Enterprise Nation, IPSE, IOD, chamber of commerce, LEP’S etc.

23. In your tender documentation, one of the aims is to raise the profile of the organisation. Who would you say are the 1st, and 2nd most important target groups/organisations you would want to reach more of through the contracts?
We would like to increase our reach to include other enterprise support organisations, universities and other organisations that align with NEN objectives, whilst increasing brand awareness and positioning at a national political level.

24. Some of the objectives are qualitative, but there is also an objective to increase the membership of the network, do you have any KPI’s in terms of what % increase you would be looking for here?
A min 20% growth year on year, across all levels of membership.

25. Would there be any budget available for paid social media activity to support specific campaigns?
This would be looked at on a case by case basis. If it aligns with our aims and objectives and can give demonstrative results we would happily look at budget

26. What technical support do you have for your website in place? For example if a landing page was needed?
Our website developer is on hand for technical support.

27. What is your websites current conversion rate (if known)?
Our current conversation rate is under review, and is why we are going out for tender.

28. What is the current traffic split to your website between organic, direct, social and paid traffic (if known)?
This is one of the new marketing objectives.

29. Can you indicate your expectation for how resources spent on delivery will be weighted against the different activities listed in the brief?
It is hoped that the successful shortlisted tendering organisations will highlight how they would weight the marketing priorities.

30. Can you provide further insight into the anticipated number of key events expected to take place within the 12 month contract period?
We currently have one key event, our annual conference, however there will be a separate budget for that. We are looking at the potential for small quarterly events or joint events with key strategic partners.

31. Do you have any expectations regarding the stakeholder groups the ‘high level influencers’ you wish to engage for outcome C belong to – i.e. government, press?
We would also want to engage with local government, LEPs and organisations that have direct engagement with enterprise.