NEN partnering on new programme to improve the digital competences of business advisors

NEN partnering on new programme to improve the digital competences of business advisors

National Enterprise Network are delighted to announce that we are working alongside five other partners from across Europe on Digital Change Makers – a new Erasmus+ funded programme

Partner meeting, Omagh Enterprise, November 2018

Led by local enterprise agency Omagh Enterprise, NEN are leading communications for the programme. Other programme partners include one of the largest VET college in the northern Netherlands – Noorderpoort Vocational Training College, creator of online, immersive educational environments – European E-Learning Institute (EUEI), Irish training organisation Momentum, and SME loan fund provider Louth County Enterprise Fund. All partners attended a launch meeting in November at Omagh Enterprise in Northern Ireland.

Harnessing the digital revolution
Digital technologies are revolutionising the way we live and work, and impact all aspects of our lives. These technologies have huge potential within business, particularly among early-stage entrepreneurs and SMEs, but only if those within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector – have the skills to deliver effective digital teaching and learning.

Creating Digital Change Makers
The Digital Change Makers programme has been launched with the aim of increasing the ability and motivation of Business Advisors and Trainers to strengthen and deliver their digital skills in a forward thinking confident way, enabling their clients to maximise the potential of digital tools within their business growth.

What are the programme benefits?
Entrepreneurs and SME clients supported by a Digital Change Maker could achieve greater success in growing their businesses, potentially leading to direct economic benefits such as increased employment opportunities and broader economic growth.

How will we create Digital Change Makers?
Through engagement with Business Advisors and VET organisations, three practical resources will be developed and created specifically for upskilling Advisors and Trainers. By utilising these resources, they will gain the skills, knowledge and practical know-how they need to become Digital Change Makers. The three resources are:

  1. Good Practice Guide – focused on the value of teaching and using digital skills to entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  2. Digital Change Makers Toolkit – practical guidance on incorporating 20 of the best online digital learning tools into their work.
  3. Online Learning Course – to consolidate skills and confidence in using mobile and digital learning resources, Advisors and Trainers to recommend digital solutions to their clients.

Look out for further information about the programme, including ways in which you can get involved. To register your interest now, please get in touch.