New Associate Member Profile: DNAsix®

DNAsix® : Bringing enterprise support into the digital era

David Taylor DNAsixWhat is DNAsix®?
DNAsix® is a business programme developed by author, business communications expert and trainer David Taylor. It is used to help organisations survive, compete and ultimately thrive in this digital marketplace.

It combines elements of all the communications disciplines with standard business coaching and has been used successfully on a range of organisations, from tiny start-ups to charities and from universities to large member organisations. It is also currently being used by two Growth Hubs – NEN member Let’s Do Business and Coast to Capital – with a third due to come on board shortly.

Why was DNAsix® developed?
Think of a business process in 2019 and chances are that it is in some way affected by digital. From online banking to processing card payments and from customer service to recruitment, logistics and even facilities management, technology is causing massive disruption but also plenty of opportunities.

Yet millions of SMEs lack basic digital skills and many more will not be able to grow without the necessary knowledge and understanding of the digital processes which now affect many areas of business.

At the same time, many business advisors also lack these digital skills so cannot deliver the support that their clients desperately need.

DNAsix® is founded on six basic principles – strategy, culture, content, community, advertising and data – which are then used to diagnose where the challenges and opportunities lie within businesses.

There are five key benefits:

  1. Increased ROI on sales and marketing activities
  2. Ability to reach out to new (often younger) audiences
  3. Higher brand profile on all appropriate channels
  4. Reduced costs
  5. Long-term competitiveness and profitability

How NEN members can use DNAsix®
NEN members can use DNAsix® in one of two ways:

1. Using an affiliate link, receive commission on selling in the programme to your clients. This not only provides you with a regular monthly income but also massively extends your scope of support for SMEs in your area.

2. Pay for a licence which will enable your advisors to deliver DNAsix® support directly to your clients as well as delivering DNAsix® workshops to SMEs. You would receive full training, access to materials plus on-going support.

If you are interested in finding out how DNAsix® could work for your organisation, contact David on or call 07715 485728.

New DNAsix® e-learning portal
Launching in September, it will contain a range of features which can help business support organisations to gauge where the strengths and weaknesses lie within their clients’ businesses. View how it works in this YouTube video

Features include:

  • A series of business transformation videos which explain how communications has changed, the challenges faced by firms and how to prepare yourself for these changes.
  • Two digital healthchecks – one simple one which is a gamified quiz on the digital landscape and a more in-depth one which tells the advisor, as well as their client, exactly how their client’s business is performing in a number of key areas. Each of these tools has a scoring system which can be completed quickly and simply online.
  • A set of modules which tie in exactly with the themes contained in the videos, Assessment Tool and Diagnostic Tool. Together, they form an entire ‘digital MBA’ self-help programme.
  • A social network and messaging planner which will help businesses to understand exactly how they are managing their digital footprints.

This e-learning portal will only be accessible via subscription – £24.99 per month (+ VAT) for a minimum of a year. Thus, SMEs will be able to get an entire digital learning programme for just £300 (£360 inc. VAT).