Connecting our members

Supporting our members by connecting them to people and projects inside and outside the Network

We recognise that by establishing a membership network of enterprise support organisations in England, we have a unique opportunity to facilitate connections for our members. We therefore have a strong focus on ensuring that we offer our members the chance to connect with people and projects inside and outside the network – in order to share valuable knowledge, skills and opportunities to achieve greater success.


Internal connections – the collective strength of #TeamNEN
We regularly refer to our network of members as #TeamNEN in recognition of the fact that while our member organisations differ in size and location, they are part of a collective and strong wider network. A team gains strength from its individual members, and this is why we so often talk about the impact made by #TeamNEN – collectively they are a strong force operating within the enterprise support sector.

We offer regular opportunities for our members to connect with one another. Nothing beats face to face contact, so we facilitate these opportunities wherever we can with regional meetings, Forums and themed workshops, and of course our Annual Conference. In addition to this, our regular member newsletters give members a chance to read about what else is happening within the network.  

Using our external connections for greater success
Thanks to our representation work, we have developed and maintained relationships with a number of key stakeholders within government and the public and private sectors. Where we can make introductions, recommendations and connections to our members, we do so.

The relationships that we have with our partners also provide us with the means to offer our members a broad range of further benefits. 

Supporting our members by connecting them to people and projects inside and outside the Network is one of the 3 key focuses of our mission to support our membership.

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