Supporting our members by representing their interests to government and others in the public and private sector

Alex Till. NEN Chairman

As a Board, we are committed to representing the interests of membership through as many channels, and with as many stakeholders as we can as we know that new opportunities are important in helping to define all our futures.

Here’s a few ways that we have showcased our unique national network of credible, quality assured enterprise support organisations during the last quarter.

September – November 2020

  • Participation in the Centre for Entrepreneurs’ 3rd annual Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Facilitated and hosted a zoom meeting with Small Business Commissioner Philip King on the proposed reforms and strengthening of the Prompt Payment Code, attended by NEN members and their clients.
  • Facilitated and hosted a zoom meeting with SME Crown Representative Martin Traynor on the barriers faced by SMEs when bidding on Government contracts, attended by NEN members and their clients.
  • On-going discussions with BEIS on the need for a nationally sponsored initiative that would deliver locally focused, broad business support.
  • Open conversations with Daniel Harrison, Policy Advisor at BEIS, on how to move forward after ESF/ESIF/ERDF funding ends

Over the coming months we have also been busy preparing for our Annual Conference and Awards ceremony taking place digitally on Thursday 10th December. Ticket bookings are now open – I look forward to seeing you there!

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