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NEN are proud to partner with Cloud 2020 to offer discounted software to our members and cashback rewards for referrals to SMEs.

Products available through Cloud 2020 include Microsoft and Adobe, plus your choice of anti-virus software (all brands are included in the offer, from Norton and Kaspersky to ESET and many more).

For SMEs supported by NEN members, Cloud 2020 offer a special discount on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Simply fill in the Contact Form and state that you are a National Enterprise Network member or a small business who has received support through the NEN.

Products available from Cloud 2020


Spend Your Time Using Your Data, Not Searching For Your Data.

Springboard solutions are built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform and are optimised for Professional Services and SMEs to offer an attractive entry price and fixed time deployment without losing scalability as your business grows.

Consider which tier is right for your business and then talk to Dave Wilner about how to get the best possible price.

Springboard Start

Springboard Accelerate

Call Dave on +44 (0) 1453 827 899

HR Management

Human Resource Management

A comprehensive solution for Human Resource Management based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform. The entire lifecycle of employees is supported – from recruitment to employee administration to training. Cloud 2020 will help you see clearer with a customised solution tailored to your business.​

Employees gain more convenience

Your staff expect the same advances in technology in business they experience in their private life. This naturally includes the ability to access information via mobile devices, regardless of time and place

Achieve economic advantages

The increase in productivity also has a financial impact. Your employees will use the time saved to take on more worthwhile tasks. This raises the profitability of your company.

Save time

Each piece of information will only be entered into the system once and is then available to anyone who needs to access it, or process it further. All processes that can be automated now run automatically.

Gain security in HR

Data is held in secure Microsoft data centers and access to employees’ private data is managed by security levels and licensed functional roles. Solution is GDPR compliment.

You can download a fact sheet about the HR Management solution it here.