National Enterprise Network reminds the Chancellor: “In your drive to woo the voters remember that Small Businesses employ more than half of them.”

National Enterprise Network (NEN), representing the agencies that support many of the country’s small and start up businesses, is looking to the Chancellor to entice small business owners in his September 4 Autumn Statement, alongside the other budget relaxations he has flagged, with the prospect of a general election on the horizon.

Small Business Taskforce manifesto calls on next government to promote prosperity and fairness for all

The Small Business Taskforce, of which National Enterprise Network is a member, is asking the next government to back small British businesses. The Taskforce are making six recommendations to deliver a more productive economy and fairer society. Small firms are well placed to build an economy that works for everyone, in all places of the UK. […]

Business Groups Join Forces To Reassure Britain’s Smallest Firms

A cohort of small business representative groups have joined forces to offer a consistent line of support to Britain’s smallest firms and the self-employed following the EU referendum. The nine organisations agreed in a meeting on Tuesday 28th June to coordinate their efforts in the interests of offering positive reassurance to small businesses. The representatives from […]